What happens after death?

One of million questions in my mind…

Gurleen Johal
2 min readJun 27, 2021
credit: Dr. Shaklia (good writer on medium)

Death. The end of life but also the beginning of another. Well, that's my point of view. What about yours? Different religions have certain opinions of what happens after Death. Do they get reborn? Or do they become a ghost? Or maybe the most terrifying of all, that we go in an endless sleep. Imagine, no friends, no family, no food!

What do the Egyptians say?

Egyptians say that a mummified body means a good afterlife, but do they really have to take out the body's organs and store them in a jar? Egyptians thought putting organs in a jar would free the dead body's soul. Then they throw the brain out because they think the brain is useless to the afterlife and is a bad omen. There is a reason we are called homo sapiens! anyway, this clearly states that Egyptians think the afterlife is real.


Hindus believe that humans are in a cycle of death and rebirth, this is called Samsara. The Samsara cycle can only be ended when a human has experienced every single life on earth. Then Hindus can finally be divided into heaven and hell.

Can everyone rise up like Jesus?

Jesus rose up after his death but how? Christians believe it’s straight to Heaven or hell. So how do they explain Jesus rising up from his coffin? some say it's a miracle some say he never died because he is the son of god.

What about an atheist point of view?

Well, atheists don’t really believe in the afterlife, they more believe in stuff that is actually proven. If a theory isn’t proven then they will do everything to prove it, but they can’t prove the afterlife, so they don’t believe.



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