Should we colonize space?

Gurleen Johal
3 min readAug 1, 2021

Earth, the one planet that is known to be habitable, but what if we go to space to live elsewhere? Some planets are too hot, whilst some planets are too cold, planets like Kepler-438 b. ESI: 0.88. are very close. Though why do we only live on Earth, why not there? Read on to find out more about why we can’t live on planets other than Earth…yet.

Illustration courtesy: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Lizbeth B. De La Torre

Is There Lifeform On Other Planets? (also number 1 reason)

Astronomers have yet to spot any little green men on Mars or any other planet. So don’t get your hopes too high about making any green friends. But they have made some pretty convincing observations that life does exist on other planets. For example, US astronomer Frank Drake developed an equation in 1961. It suggested that just like Earth, other planets may have lifeforms that communicate in a way other than speaking. The equation also suggested that the lifeforms may be ahead of us in the evolutionary race, long story short, the equation makes aliens seem harmful.

Is It An Ok Decision To Colonize Space? (Reason number two)

Astronomers have been curious if we can live in outer space. Well, not exactly outer space but the planets in outer space otherwise trust me, you don’t wanna walk around wearing a helmet every time you take a dog for a walk! Each planet is different like I explained in the intro. It might not be ok for animals to live on different planets, because Earth has just the right temperature for them, well almost… climate change really makes a difference. Maybe the next step to mankind would be to leave animals on Earth and wait for them to evolve into humans and make their own community, don’t be absurd! But to be honest, that is basically what happened with us, we were animals that evolved.

What if we only send a few people to a different planet? (reason three)

There are a few major problems with this. Firstly, to make a rocket that goes so far would take forever, and not only that, it will cost billions of dollars. Also, we will have to find people who are brave, where can you find them these days? Another reason is we can’t just shoot a rocket up to space after we make it, we need to experiment with the gravitational force and how much it will affect the rocket example would be how fast do we need to shoot the rocket in the air. We need to experiment with a thing like that. And also that experiment will take quite a few people to master.

What if we send half of the population on Kepler-438 b. ESI: 0.88? (Reason Four)

Overpopulation wasn’t always a threat but now it affects the way we live and survive, so people like Elon musk are thinking to send half of the earth’s population to Mars. This project would be really hard because they want to send a rocket 401 million kilometers (250 million miles) away from Earth. Also, they will need an enormous rocket that can carry a lot of people! This almost impossible project will take approximately 40–45 years, or more!


In conclusion, astronomers should try to colonize space over time, they will face obstacles and challenges but each time they will make a mistake they will learn in the future and maybe we can get a $15.000000 ride to mars!



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