Higgs Boson-Famously Known As God Particle

Gurleen Johal
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Higgs boson particle, also known as God particle, is the main pillar in quantum physics. You may be asking what is quantum physics? It is basically a branch of physics concerned with quantum theory, but I will explain more about quantum theory and quantum physics later in the text.

What is the Higgs Boson particle?

Nearly a half-century ago, Peter Higgs in 1964 along with five other physicists were trying to understand the origin of a basic physical feature: mass. Since Peter Higgs mainly discovered it and where it was it was named after him, Higgs Boson Particle. basically, long story short the Higgs boson particle is an elementary particle in the standard model of particle physics produced by the quantum excitation of the Higgs field, one of the fields in particle physics theory. The Higgs particle is a massive scalar boson with zero spin, no electric charge, and no color charge in the Standard Model. It is also very unstable, decaying into other particles almost immediately. Higgs boson particle is known to be the main pillar in quantum physics, without it, the universe wouldn't exist. You might be thinking why was such an important particle was discovered quite recently, well in 2012 to be exact. The answer to that question is that the Higgs particle is smaller than an atom, meaning it was very hard to notice it even under a microscope. The Higgs boson particle exists in every region of the universe proving the Higgs field exists.

Why Is Higgs Boson Particle so important?

The standard model explains the existence of massive particles by the Higgs mechanism, in which broken symmetry associated with a scalar field (the Higgs field) results in the appearance of mass. The quantum of the Higgs field is the Higgs boson. An easy way to say this is without Higgs boson the standard model would collapse. if you don’t know what a standard model means, here is a quick explanation: a standard model is a mathematical description of the elementary particles of matter and the electromagnetic, weak, and strong forces by which they interact. Now that you know what the standard model means you can understand the rest of the paragraph. Now as I was saying, without the Higgs boson particle, the standard model would collapse, and without this particular standard model, Earth would become a problem to live in. It would maybe be too flat or too long but this standard model is holding the earth perfectly. So this means without the boson particle the world will be…. well not perfect. It is also said that Higgs boson particle could wipe out the whole universe so that's why it is also known as god particle.

How small is the Higgs boson particle?

According to the Standard Model of quantum physics, there are a number of fundamental bosons, which are not made up of smaller particles. This includes the basic gauge bosons, the particles that mediate the fundamental forces of physics (except for gravity, which we’ll get to in a moment). The Higgs boson particle is so small it is called a “subatomic particle” which means a very very tiny particle not big enough for the eye to see even under a microscope. It's a bit like Russian dolls, the particle keeps getting smaller. quarks are the number 1 smallest paricle, meaning Higgs boson should be around 4th smallest. it's actually pretty weird because since boson is massless scientists don’t know its physical size. scientists think the most appropriate length is 1/100th the size of a proton. although protons sit around and Higgs boson moves around. It is known that Higgs Boson is maybe smaller than quarks but we don’t know its actual size.

What is the Higgs field?

The Higgs field is the theoretical field of energy that permeates the universe, according to the theory put forth in 1964 by Scottish theoretical physicist Peter Higgs. Higgs suggested the field as a possible explanation for how the fundamental particles of the universe came to have mass. it is also said that The Higgs Field is a quantum field that exists everywhere but what is the Higgs Field? The new understanding of physics suggests that all fundamental particles act like waves. The Higgs field would be a kind of wavefield that all fundamental particles must enter. Then this field mechanism gives the particles some mass. Scientists describe all elementary matter as being massless until it reacts with the Higgs Field. The particle that mediates this mass transfer is called the Higgs boson. Unlike all other known fields such as the electromagnetic field, the Higgs field is a scalar field and has a non-zero constant value in a vacuum. There was not yet any direct evidence that the Higgs field existed, but even without proof of the field, the accuracy of its predictions led scientists to believe the theory might be true.



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